It’s my birthday tomorrow and to celebrate not quite being an age of any significance I’m going to do a flash giveaway for an ebook of your choice from any of my backlist, which will end at seven am tomorrow GMT. All you need to do is tell me your favourite character of mine. Or if you’ve not read any of mine, tell me your favourite of my book covers^^


(a very old picture of me :P)


About sukifleet

Suki Fleet currently lives in the heart of England. Her childhood was quite unconventional and she spent some time living on a boat and travelling at sea with her family. Since she was very small she has always dreamed of writing for a living, but though she has written original fiction online for years and encouraged many new writers to keep going and follow their author dreams, it is only recently she got the courage to make her own dream a reality and actually send something off to a publisher. By day she runs her own business selling fabric (her second love) and juggling family commitments, by night she weaves the stories that the characters in her head dictate. These stories often start with pain or longing but always end with love.
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26 Responses to Giveaway!

  1. Trisha Harrington says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I haven’t read any of your books yet, but really want to soon. My favourite of your covers has to be Just Like Heaven. I ❤ that cover so much!

  2. Miki says:

    Hi Suki and happy birthday!
    I just read Te Quiero and Foxes but I feel Danny is one of the most beautiful characters ever written.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. diannakay says:

    I love all all your characters, but I think Sasha is a favourite of mine.

  4. Izengabe says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Suki,
    Micky from Foxes is my favourite so far. It’s very hard to choose, though!
    Have a very happy birthday!! 😀

    • sukifleet says:

      Thank you Izengabe ❤ Micky needs all the love^^

      • Moon says:

        Shawn%A %B %e%q, %YGreat post, Janice. I like reading your blog a lot. Now you mention that academies want teachers who are qualified, but that still remains to be seen because at the end f the day, and in a crunch, many academies still rely on bakpakccers because the ualified teachers already have their schedule full. Shawn

  5. Carla says:

    I only read ‘Just like Heaven’ and have ‘Te Quiero’ on my kindle…
    I loved Just Like Heaven and the cover is stunning!

  6. Elsa says:

    Hi Suki!!! :), Happy Birthday!! Mine is on 10th July (but I´m older than you, so meh for me xD). I love all your characters, it´s difficult to choose but I think I´m going to say that my favorite is Danny from Foxes. He is the most generous person, loyal, lovely, brave… He is just beautiful and wonderful, I love him.

  7. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday! 🎂 I echo everything Elsa said. Danny is so brave and beautiful and strong. Love him so much! ❤️

  8. Lauren says:

    Remee – always Remee. He was such a special character and heaven knows after reading your book I felt they were very very real (sadly, I’m sure they do exist). AND Happy happy Birthday! You give me a gift every time I read one of your books and I’m looking forward to Wildflowers – I believe that’s the next one. But I will always go back to Remee and Julian – that was one of the best stories I have ever read (and I’ve read it over many times since then). As to covers? Oh, the “Foxes” cover was lovely.

  9. Missy80 says:

    Happy birthday, Suki. Sasha is the one that I’ve always felt connected with. ❤

  10. Martin says:

    I adore all your books, Suki! It’s just impossible to name my favorite character. Danny is very special to me but I could never depreciate all the others.

    Happy Birthday nachträglich:)

  11. TheSheShe says:

    I’m late, but whatever. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

    And Romeo is my favorite character of yours. Followed by Crash and Danny.

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