Signed Paperbacks and Things I’m Currently Working On^^

I get a fair few emails about signed paperbacks, so I thought I’d do a public post.



I bought a number of paperbacks from my publisher before I went to the UK Meet a few years ago and lol I didn’t sell many, so I’m happy sign these books and post them to people at no profit—meaning I sell them at cost (£8 plus postage to wherever they need to go). Continue reading

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Labels, and stepping out of my comfort zone

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Second Chapter of Shelter Me


Snippet of second chapter of Shelter Me

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Lessons learned this year so far….

As a few of you know, I’ve been struggling recently with all things publishing related and wondering where I go from here. I’ve done a lot of soul searching these past few weeks trying figure it out.

The first thing I’ve realised for sure is that self-publishing is not for me. I miss the support having a publisher gives you. I’ve only self-published seriously twice, but both times it’s been a bad experience for me and really knocked me flat confidence-wise. My mental health has suffered, and to be honest it’s not worth it for me at all. (The fact that I don’t enjoy going it alone has really surprised me, because honestly usually I love doing things on my own and in my own way–I run my own business and I love being in control–but something about the process of creating stories makes me need to hand the publishing process over to someone else to be able to deal with it successfully.)

The second thing is not something new (I realised this a long time ago)—my writing doesn’t fit easily into the romance genre as it currently exists. That isn’t a problem. But it means publishing with small romance publishers who publish mainly m/m romance probably isn’t the best fit for me. Ultimately, I’m not a fan of current classifications. And most of what I write is YA anyway—queer, romance-y YA, but I’m happy for it to just be called YA.

Thirdly, I love writing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And I like sharing it. I’ve considered going back to free sites like fictionpress, and publishing work there, but when I think about my goals, earning something from writing is one of them. And if I don’t earn anything from what I write, I’ll have to cut back my writing time significantly. Which leads onto the fourth thing….

Patreon. I’ve been a patron of several artists for a while. And I really enjoy being a part of their processes. I’ve looked at sites like Go Fund Me but I prefer the interactiveness and flexibility of Patreon. So, I’ve set up an account. If you’re interested in supporting my writing journey, you can find me here.

And finally, there’s something I’ve not had the confidence to try before, and that is to seek representation by a literary agent. With an agent, I’d hopefully have greater publishing options and support—which is definitely something I need. So, my main goal this year is to try hard to get my confidence up to do that.

Over and out^^

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1st Newsletter

So my first newsletter  with a short story for Danny and Micky from Foxes has been sent out^^

If you’d like to subscribe to my next newsletter, or if you’d like to receive a copy of this one, you can subscribe here:

I anticipate publishing a newsletter once a month or so-though it may not be that regular!

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Winner Wildflowers

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and for all your kind comments.

My winner is Michaela^^ Congratulations. I’ll email you shortly.

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Hey, so it’s nearly release day for Wildflowers, my 8th Dreamspinner release! And this is my 11th published release over all^^ I’ve made a board for it over on Pinterest. I update my boards over there quite regularly–they’re not all story related but lots are (I also have one for Light Up the Dark–my current work in progress).

Wildflowers was the first story I ever finished. It’s very angsty (I think it’s my angstiest),  by angsty I don’t mean depressing, I mean the characters both struggle, a lot, and they have to fight for their HEA. (I like the struggle^^)

I’m doing a giveaway here, so if you’d like an advanced ebook copy, please leave a comment and I will choose a winner on Tuesday 12th^^

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